One of These Lesbian YouTube Couples Broke Up and Nobody Knows Why

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A couple days ago, YouTube star Stephanie Frosch announced that she and longtime girlfriend Taylor Freeman had broken up.

“Just so you know, Taylor and I are no longer together,” she wrote on Twitter. “Please respect both of our privacy at this time. Love you all so much.”

Um, what. Fans were completely blindsided by the lesbian couple’s sudden split, so when the face of ElloSteph posted a video yesterday titled “WE BROKE UP,” they thought they’d finally get some information about what led to their demise. Keyword — thought.

“If you think this is a video explaining my past breakup, or throwing people under the bus, or anything like that, I’m sorry to disappoint but you might as well stop watching right now. I’m really sorry if you guys did want an explanation. I really think that right now the best thing you guys can give is your privacy and your respect,” she explained.

But even though we’re still not sure why Taylor and Steph broke up, we DO know that the YouTuber is doing well.

“I’m doing okay. Of course I’m sad about the situation; who wouldn’t be? I don’t think they would call it falling in love if you didn’t get hurt and that’s okay.”

Tay also posted a note about the split on her personal Twitter account:


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