Our Top 5 Favorite Dance Movies!

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From Saturday Night Fever to Step Up, dance movies have always been some of our absolute favorite movies to watch, mainly because most of us can’t move like that and the leading guys in them are always gorgeous! We decided it was time to break down all of our favorite dance flicks!

Step Up Revolution
Obviously we love all of the Step Up movies and Channing Tatum, but Ryan Guzman seriously stole our heart in the newest Step Up movie, which is why we chose this one over the others! Plus, we saw this adorable ClevverTV interview with Ryan and Kathryn promoting the DVD release — by the way, the DVD comes out TODAY — and it made us love them even more!


Dirty Dancing
One of the most classic dancing movies of all time had to be at the top of our list for many reasons including: Patrick Swayze being one of the best actors ever, it’s one of the  most quoted and referenced movies in pop culture, we’ve always wanted to run and have a guy throw us in the air and catch us, and you never put baby in a corner.

Vestron Pictures

Any story about a town that bans dancing and has a hot guy who shows the small town how awesome and necessary it is to dance, makes it on our list. We also can’t resist a little dancing of our own when we hear the Footloose theme song on the radio!


Center Stage
We wanted to include a little variety of dancing on our list and this ballet movie is one of the bests. The story about a dancer who makes it to the America Ballet Company will have to work hard to impress her teachers even though she’s not the best dancer at the school. Of course, this movie wouldn’t be complete without some cute male ballerinas as well!


Jessica Alba
is pretty much the ultimate girl-next-door and we love her for it. Honey is about a girl who gets her big break dancing in a music video and she has to learn how to survive the in the big leagues. Oh, and she also teaches inner-city kids at a local community center because Jessica Alba is the perfect girl, obviously!


What’s your all-time fave dance movie?

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