7 of Your Favorite Celebrities Who Got Nose Jobs for Health Reasons

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Ariel Winter made headlines back in August 2015 when she revealed that she got breast reduction surgery on her 32F boobs. After dealing with back pain that “hurt so bad” for years, the then-17-year-old actress decided to go under the knife.” But while the Modern Family star is perhaps the most recognizable celebrity to get plastic surgery to help her health, she’s definitely not the only one.

In fact, many of Hollywood’s hottest actors/singers/etc. have had to go through major surgeries to correct issues with one specific body part — their nose. Whether they were born with a deviated septum, or broke their schnoz accidentally, corrective procedures are more common than you probably thought. Sure, there will always be those who vehemently deny nose jobs until the day that they die, but not these stars! They’re living healthier, happier lives thanks to their surgeons, and want everyone to know it!