5 Shocking Star Wars Theories That Fans Are STILL Talking About

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Anyone else still reeling from the Star Wars: Episode VII news?? While we're skeptical about how it will turn out — considering Disney purchased George Lucas' Lucasfilm, so there are different people at the helm of this particular project — the cast does look pretty amazing. Plus, think of all the fan theories that'll come out of it!

While we're sure there are plenty of bad lessons you can take away from the decades-long movie franchise — and books! — we thought the fan theories surrounding the already-released Star Wars flicks were far more interesting. Here are five that continue to blow us away:

1. Chewbacca and R2-D2 are secret rebel agents. "When Star Wars I, II and III came out, it created a lot of plot holes for Star Wars IV, V and VI. But if R2-D2 and Chewbacca are the real movers and shakers behind the scenes, the whole storyline makes a lot more sense."—Reddit (More details at North is Up.)


2. Anakin truly was the chosen one, not Luke. "The prophecy stated that the CO would put the force into balance. Balance means that there is an equal amount on both sides of a spectrum, in this case being the light and dark sides of the force. Before Anakin, the Jedi were the main power in the galaxy, and there were millions (not sure [of the] exact number) of them. After the execution of order 66 by Vader and the clones, the number of light side force users drastically declined, putting them closer to the number of dark side force users, thereby bringing more balance to the force."—Reddit

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3. The Theory of Aged Jedi: "I believe that the lack of Jedi helping to bring the force into balance made abilities that dealt with the living force impossible or VERY difficult to pull off. The combined Darkside powers of Vader, and the Emperor combined with the lack of Jedi meant that the Force itself was breaking down these Jedi, they could only age normally by using their powers to slow their aging. It makes sense because it only affected Jedi who could touch the force and the Darkside is known to accelerate the body's degradation."—Wikia (Star Wars Fan Theories)


4. Obi-Wan Kenobi is OB-1, Clone Warrior. "When you look at Obi-Wan, it can also be written as OB-1, a serial number as in O-B-1; a serial number for a clone no doubt… Besides bringing his master's body to Tatooine, OB1 also takes one of Anakin's children; the male that was from a set of twins. OB-1 hopes that one day he can redeem his master by training Anakin's son, who should have tons of promise and talent, to help bring balance back to the force. Anakin's son, Luke, is hidden with his Aunt and Uncle who also live on Tatooine. OB-1 would remain in isolation until his presence is required again to protect and train Luke. For 10+ years, OB-1 is known as Ben Kenobi, not hearing his original serial number until reuniting with Luke."—Can Mag


5. E.T. is a Jedi! Yes, that E.T. "Those are indeed the same species as E.T. This was George Lucas repaying Speilberg back for E.T. promoting Star Wars within the movie with Star Wars action figures and the kid dressed as Yoda… Now you can almost put the pieces together since Lucas made everything full circle by adding the E.T's Greblieps (which is Spielberg spelled backwards)]. It was only supposed to be a small easter egg, but now fan fiction has taken hold."—Reddit


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