Stained Glass Hair is Here for Fall and, OMG, It’s Totally Mesmerizing

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Regardless of whether or not you hit up religious sites regularly, mostly all of us can appreciate the beauty of a stained glass window, and now, you can rock this look on your very own head!

That’s right, fam! Stained glass hair is taking over Instagram and we’re SO here for the multi-colored dye job! Of course, like many hair trends, there are a variety of different ways to go about achieving this look. For example, check out this checkered pattern!

If you’re not into the checkered look, though, you can also have irregular shapes dyed into your hair, which looks more like actual stained glass windows, if you ask us. See?

So, how exactly do you go about creating this look for yourself? Well, even though it may seem like it, it actually isn’t all that complicated! In fact, those vividly colored boxed dyes from the local convenience store will probably do the trick, and you can brush the dye through your hair or paint it on using your fingers!

Okay, so we know that sounds v messy, but the best part about this look is that absolutely nothing needs to be precise. The colors sort of have to be all over the place to give the illusion of an actual stained glass window, so there’s a ton of freedom to be creative!

Feeling inspired yet? We thought so! Go head over to Instagram to get some more inspo before heading out to the store to purchase the dyes for yourself. There’s nothing wrong with being the first of your friends to try out stained glass hair, especially since it’s bound to be one of the most popular dye jobs this fall.