The 7 Emotional Stages of Your Fave Show Getting Added to Netflix

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Netflix is one of those things that everyone just accepts for its shortcomings. We know that it doesn’t have every show or movie ever and sometimes we get errors in the middle of a binge-watching sesh. But it’s always there for us in our most bored moments, so we love it for that.

But we love it infinitely more when we get wind that it’s picking up one of our favorite shows. It’s like the Netflix gods heard our prayers and decided to throw us a bone. And, each time it happens, everyone reacts in the following ways:

1. Surprise. these announcements always come out of nowhere and with zero warning.

2. Excitement. Is this real life?!


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3. Genuine, all-consuming joy. NOTHING can knock you down from this cloud.

4. Talking about it nonstop. Your friends will hate you for a little while. Unless they’re also stoked, in which case they’ll just talk endlessly with you about it.

5. Anxious counting down. The official pick-up date couldn’t come faster if it tried. But, like, could it try? That’d be super.

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6. Canceling plans. Sorry, everyone we had plans with, but there are six newly-added seasons that need some TLC.

7. The official First Watch. Sit and feel the nostalgia and happiness rushes through you. This is the greatest great thing that’ll happen for a while, so you need to cherish it.

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