8 Stages Of Watching the Series Finale Of Your Fave Show

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Reading the last book in your favorite series is definitely tough, but watching the final episode of your favorite television show is torture, especially when that show was on forever! If you’ve ever been a huge fan of a show that’s ended, you know there are stages of mourning that you must go through in order to get over it.

Think about it — you get connected to the characters/the town/the story, and then one day it’s just over. That’s a lot to process! Don’t worry, TV lovers; You’re not alone — we’ve all gone through the following stages:

1. Heartache. From the moment you find out the season will be the show’s last, you feel a pang of pain in your heart. And when that last episode starts, it’s like the floodgates opened immediately. You just have so much history with the characters…how can you let them go?!

Surviving College

Surviving College

2. Anxiety. There’s been so much anticipation leading up to this moment, you can’t help but feel anxiety when the opening credits start to play. Part of you can’t wait to see it, but another part of you wants to hide until it’s over.

3. Oblivion. There comes a point during the episode where you get lost in the show and forget that this is the last time you’ll watch your favorite characters. You’re so completely in the moment that you’re not even thinking about the fact that it’s a series finale. Embrace this.

4. Realization. But that moment usually passes very quickly, and when you do remember you’re involved in the end of an era it’s not a good time.

5. Nostalgia. A classic feature of any good series finale is throwing in some mentions that only people who were fans of the show from the beginning would recognize. When you catch them, you can’t help but ‘awww’ out loud at the memories!

6. Dread. A sense of doom sets in from the second you look over at the clock and realize that the episode will end in a few minutes. NO, THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING!

7. Stupor. The ending credits roll and the show is done. But what. just. happened? There’s no way you can even start to process until about two hours later.

8a. Satisfaction. Some shows end with finales that are everything fans could ask for — all questions are answered, everyone’s favorite couples are together and they live happily ever after. If your favorite show ends like this, consider yourself very lucky because not everyone can say the same.

8b. Confusion. Some shows end with tons of unanswered questions that leave fans desperate for more. We know TV shows are known for doing this, but you’re REALLY going to go there during the SERIES FINALE?! ARE YOU KIDDING?! This is not okay…

Whitney L. Young

Whitney L. Young

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