10 Stages of Reading the Final Book in Your Favorite Series

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Reading the final book in your favorite series is one of the most bittersweet moments a fan can go through. So much anticipation is built up to the day it finally is released, but you can’t quite allow yourself to be too happy because once you finish reading, you’ll be done forever.

Whether they happened during Allegient, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, or Mocking Jay book lovers everywhere have probably gone through the following stages of finishing a book series:

1. Excitement. The wait for the book to come out seems to seriously take for-evvvvver!

2. Realization. When it finally hits shelves, however, you realize that this is actually the last time you’ll ever be purchasing a book in the series. #depression

3. Dread. When you realize how much this very moment means to you, you begin to dread actually reading it. If you don’t read, then it can’t be over right?!

4. Delay. Okay, so you know your logic is irrational, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put reading off. Plus, you totally have to reorganize your sock draws today…

5. Caving. At some point, something comes over you and you accept the fact that this is the last book. When this stage happens, everyone better watch out because nothing will stop you!

6. Isolation. And when we said nothing can stop you, we mean literally — because you’ve shunned everyone and everything and retreated to a cave of pillows and blankets on your bed.

Game Moir

Game Moir

7. Emotions. Eventually, the extreme surge of emotions will hit. Whether they stem from the plot itself or a reminder that the book is almost over, there will be tears.

8. Determination. Why is it that you always decide to read a book at like, 3am? No matter the time, however, you push yourself to finish one more page/paragraph/chapter the whole thing in one shot.

9. Numbness. Although you may thing you’d bawl your way through the final words of a series, what usually happens is quite the opposite. Even though you technically read the last words, they don’t seem to sink in for quite some time.

10a. Fulfillment. If you feel completely satisfied and happy when the words finally do sink in and you process what just happened, consider yourself lucky — not everyone gets this joy.

10b. Betrayal. For anyone who’s been disappointed with the way a series ended (cough Allegient cough), you know the feeling of being completely and utterly betrayed by the author. THAT’S how you chose to end the whole thing?!

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