The 9 Stages You Go Through When Your OTP Breaks Up

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Having your OTP (one true pairing, of course) break up is the WORST thing in the world. Because, let’s be real, having them get together in the first place is such a long shot that you can’t even imagine a split. Until it happens, of course. Then, you’re all over the place emotionally and you can’t tell which was is up and which way is down.

So, in preparation for the moment when it inevitably happens to your very own OTP, here are the ten stages you can expect to go through:

1. Disbelief. This cannot be happening. This is not happening.


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2. Disappointment. You thought they’d last forever, but the actually lasted fornever.


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3. Rage. “THIS IS NOT FAIR.”


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4. Grief. Just, like, the most sadness you’ve ever felt at one time.

5. Confusion. Who are you supposed to ship, now? Is re-shipping allowed? What are the rules and regulations?

6. Emptiness. Love is dead.

7. Hopefulness. But maybe they’ll get back together and all will be perfect again!

8. Denial. When you realize that it’s not likely that they’ll reunite, you have our permission to repress that information for at least a little while.


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9. Distraction. Suddenly, a new couple has caught your eye and, before you know it, you’re all aboard their ship like your heart wasn’t just broken.


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