The 10 Stages of Listening to Adele, As Showcased by Pretty Little Liars Characters

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They say that good things come to people who wait and after four years of laying low, the talented Adele has blessed the world with 25, a haunting, beautiful album that has shattered *NSYNC’s U.S. record for first-week album sales and our hearts in the process.

As evidenced by “Hello,” “A Million Years Ago” and “When We Were Young” — which are full of longing for youthful ideals and carefree days, as well as bittersweet reflections on love, loss and healing — the 27-year-old Grammy winner’s latest tracks are as cathartic and poignant as ever.

They’ve wreaked havoc on our emotions, moving us to tears of joy and sadness. They have bombarded us with overwhelming amounts of grief, hope and nostalgia. They’ve enriched our lives, dragging us to scary depths and elevating us to new realms of existence. And you know why that is? Because Adele’s music does merely consist of some mere words and beats strewn together; it is essentially chicken soup for the soul.

On that note, let’s hear it for our beloved Pretty Little Liars characters, who are here to demonstrate all the anguish and happiness Adele supporters experience while listening to her art:

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