The 9 Stages of Being the Last to Join a Group of Friends

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Do you know the one thing that is more complicated than making a new friend? Making a group of friends, that’s what. Especially when the group is already established and you’re the new kid on the block. ’cause, before you have a brand new group of best friends to call your own, you’re definitely going to go through these nine very specific stages:

1. Introduction. When you learn everyone’s names and promptly forget them until you can sneak-ask later on.

Daniel Racliffe Hi

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2. Impression. It’s a bit harder to get an entire group of friends to like you than it is to get just one person to.

You Better Laugh At That

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3. Confusion. You won’t get why the inside jokes are funny, but you’ll probably laugh anyway.

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4. Invitation. The golden ticket to BFF-ship is being invited to hang out with the group.

5. Mental note-taking. Otherwise, you’ll lose track of why Amber’s hated Jen since last summer, even though they used to be, like, total BFFs.


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6. Casual comfort. You’ll stop panicking about not having anything to say when left alone in the room with any one member of the friend group.

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7. Constant hangouts. That one invitation quickly grows into repeated invitations.

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8. Bonafide membership. Now, when outside people refer to the friend group, your name is among the names listed.

One of Us

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9. Full-blown best friendship. And the rest is history.

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