The 10 Stages of Introducing Your Boyfriend to Your Parents

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What’s more awkward than your parents constantly asking you about your love life? When you finally get a boyfriend and your parents won’t stop begging to meet him! It’s not that all parents are, well, incredibly embarrassing, it’s just that — actually, yeah they are. So, for anyone who has ever introduced their significant other to their ‘rents, you know these stages to be all too accurate:

1. Denial. You don’t really have to introduce them, do you?

2. Acceptance. Ugh, you really need to do this. Okay — game time!



3. Preparation. While you may be accustomed to your parents’ quirks, your significant other might not be. A quick warning that your mom has a catch phrase will probably ease the awkwardness.

4. Setting Boundaries. “Mom, dad, you’re NOT allowed to mention my childhood imaginary friend, that time I wet the bed, etc.”

5. Anxiety. The hours before the official meeting feel like DAYS.



6. The moment of truth. From the second the doorbell rings, there’s no turning back. THIS IS IT. May the odds be ever in your favor.

7. Antsiness. So far so good, but don’t push your luck. Is this over yet?

8. Embarrassment. Spoke to soon — dad mentioned the imaginary friend. SMH.

9. Acceptance. It is what it is.

10. Celebration It’s over and guess what? THEY LIKE EACH OTHER!

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