The 9 Stages Of Getting Over Someone You Never Even Dated

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So, you’ve just decided things are not going to happen between you and your crush who you never even had a chance to date. It isn’t the textbook definition of a break-up, but, boy, does it feel like one. Because unrequited emotions really do sting as badly as Pepé Le Pew made it seem. We’ve all been there, done that, Instagrammed a photo of it.

And yeah, we know that getting over someone you never actually dated is weird and it sucks, but you’re not alone! And, to make things even better, as you scroll through the stages, play Tamia’‘s song “Almost,” in which she sings about this exact kind of relationship.

1. Confusion. “Where do I even begin with getting over something that didn’t actually even exist??”

2. Sadness. Maybe not lock-yourself-in-your-room-and-cry-for-10-hours sadness, but sadness nonetheless.

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3. Jealousy. Between being envious of everyone who actually got to date your crush and of everyone who will in the future, there’s almost no time for…

4. Self-Pity. It’s hard to avoid when your brain is full of thoughts about your not-ex.

5. Reminiscent. You know, remembering all of the good times you had in your daydreams. 

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6. Boredom. Having a big crush actually makes for a lot of entertainment. The only problem with that is that the opposite of fun is boooredom.

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7. Social Media Stalking. Gotta stay updated on what they’ve been up to slash be the first to know when they get into a relationship. For closure (yeah, right).

8. Acceptance. Things are a bit easier once you start to accept the fact that you weren’t even together with this person, so being apart isn’t so sucky.

Jason Segel Shrugging

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9. Moving On. Never forget that getting into an actually healthy and two-sided relationship is the best medicine for an unrequited crush.

Doctor Who Move On

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