10 Nerve-Wracking Stages of Buying Concert Tickets

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Finding out that your favorite musician or group is having a concert near you is both the greatest and scariest experience ever. It’s the greatest because, DUH, why wouldn’t you want to go see them be amazing live?! But it’s also the scariest because, first, you have to buy the tickets before you can go anywhere. And, whenever you have to do that, these 10 nerve-wracking things happen. Every. Single. Time.

1. Discovery. That’s right, the nerves start dancing around in your stomach the moment you hear that tickets will go on sale.

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2. Organizing. Who’s going with you? Do you have a ride to the venue? Oh yeah, can you pay the million dollar ticket price??

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3. Planning. As in, securing plenty of time before and after the start time for you to get the perfect seats.

4. Selecting. It’s a beautiful event when the concert is standing-room only, because every ticket is the same price and, therefore, it doesn’t matter where your “seat” is. But, oh boy, when you’re buying arena tickets, may the odds be ever in your favor.

5. Refreshing. Because thousands of other people are buying tickets at the same second that you are, the first seats you want are always taken.


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6. Retrying/Crying. Because what if you’re 15 seconds away from seeing your IDOL in real actual life, but missed your chance?!

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7. Panic. If your Internet connection slows down by even one millisecond, all emotional hell breaks loose for a brief moment.

8. The Scramble. For your parents’ credit card, for your common sense. Everything.

9. SWEET VICTORY. There is no greater joy than the one that you feel the moment that you’re notified that your purchase has been processed. NONE, okay?!

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10. The Countdown. Which lasts until the very second that the concert of your dreams begins, even if that date is six whole months away.

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