What Spring Break Would Really Be Like with Spring Breakers‘ Selena, Ashley and Vanessa…

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Have you seen any of these pictures lately?

If you haven’t, you clearly don’t follow the right celebs on Twitter or visit Teen.com enough because these pics are all over the place. Apparently on the set of Spring Breakers, part of the job description is to take hot pics in bathing suits, on mopeds, on the beach, with kissy faces, etc. And ya know what? We’re so incredibly jealous we’re not there!!!

So we decided to just imagine what spring break would be like with the upcoming flick’s stars. And here’s how it would go…

With Selena Gomez, we’d never have to wonder what’s going on with Justin Bieber.
He’d be only a Skype sesh away (and we’d totally interrupt)!


With Ashley Benson, 1. we’re sure she wouldn’t look like she does in the pic below,
and 2. she’d probably find the hottest shopping spots no matter where we went on vacay!


With Vanessa Hudgens, spring break would be one big party. Unless her boyf is around, in which case she’d be off making out with him somewhere, while we’d be all alone. Sad face.


With James Franco, we don’t know what we’d expect!
Have you seen all the rando roles he’s played?


With Rachel Korine… who cares?


Which celebrity would you want to spend spring break with? (It doesn’t have to be a Spring Breaker star!)

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