Spring is Blooming all Over! Flower Nail Trends You Gotta Try

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Ready for spring? Me too. Even if we can’t dress for spring yet (those sun dresses and flip-flops will have to stay in your closet a little while longer) we can get started on some fun nail trends for the sunny season. Pastels are usually my manicure must have for spring but I’m thinking it might be time for a change, go out on a limb, be creative and try something a little more fashion forward, something like flowers and 3D bling. Just an idea.

Check out some fun nail ideas for Spring 2012. Whether it’s DIY or totally over the top, you gotta love these flower-friendly fingers!

If a full on flower explosion is too much for you try something simpler. One shade of light polish and a different colored flower on each finger.

On Sugar

You can go all artsy and base your polish on a painting, like these Warhol-inspired fingers.


Spring isn’t all about flowers. Break out those pastels and mix them up in a new way. Vary your designs from nail to nail.

Elle and Blair

Some flower designs can look overwhelming, and even more overwhelming to try and copy! This design looks simple without being boring.


A little fingernail bling can brighten up any day. You can keep it simple and just do one finger.


OR go nuts and try multiple. You might need a nail partner to achieve this one!


If you’re not really the pastel kinda girl, try some flowers in a deeper color. See, flowers can be edgy too!

Maria's Nail Polish Blog

Sometimes matchy-matchy can be a major fashion don’t but I kind of like the idea of your nails taking on the same print as your clothes. Just make sure it’s something that won’t look weird when you change outfits.



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