15 Exciting Hair Trends for Spring 2017 That You’ll Actually Want to Try

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When it comes to new beauty trends for new seasons, things can start to melt into one big blur. This is especially true for hair trends. Some styles are always trendy: beach waves, at least one fun color, braids, etc. Some styles go in and out so often that it’s hard to keep track of where they are at the moment, like bangs and bobs. Sometimes, it feels like you read a lot about how one particular style is going to be huge, and then the time comes, and… it’s not even popular at all. And sometimes, hair trends seem so out there and elaborate that you think they’re pretty, but you know that you’ll never actually be able to wear them.

So, why keep reading, right? Well, this post is full of hair trends that you’ll actually want to wear, mainly because there’s something for everyone. Spring 2017 hair trends seemed rather indecisive, with trends going from one end of the spectrum to the other (example: super long hair AND short hair are both stylish right now). This can make things confusing, but actually, it also makes things easier, because you have so many options. If you want your hair to look cool right now, it’s not hard to accomplish that! So, check out these spring 2017 hair trends you’ll be inspired to try, and get ready to do something new:

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