The 15 Biggest Spring 2016 Hair Trends You Have to Know About

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RG @bridgetbragerhair braided center part

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When it comes to our beauty routine, we should all be open to shaking things up once in a while — and what better time for that than the spring season, when everyone’s favorite phrase is, “In with the old and out with the new?” With all of the spring 2016 beauty trends fresh from the runways, there’s no shortage of inspiration for something new and exciting. Try some of the new makeup looks, but don’t forget about your hair. There are so many awesome and surprisingly easy hair trends this year that you really have no excuses not to do something.

What hairstyles we expect to see all over Instagram and fashion magazines this spring? As usual, some old trends are coming back (hello bangs, it’s not that nice to see you again, but okay), and some newer ones are taking hold (rope braids will be your new favorite thing). Say goodbye to 2015’s trendy half-up bun (or, if not goodbye, at least “let’s take a break”) and say hello to a fresh start. Here are the 15 biggest spring hair trends every girl should know about:

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