6 Casting Secrets That’ll Change the Way You Look at Spider-Man: Homecoming

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In the past, we’ve told you who almost played Spider-Man, as well as who was almost cast alongside him. In the world of film, this up-in-the-air BS happens all the time, and it usually leads to rumors — did you hear that Timothee Chalamet, Liam James, AND Nat Wolff were all considered for the role of Peter Parker? Plus, Jane Levy and Kaya Scodelario were both allegedly considered to play his love interest. Spoiler alert — none of them made the final cut.

It took casting executives quite a long time to get the ensemble of Spider-Man: Homecoming perfect. We’re not sure why or how they decided to go with the stars that are officially in the movie, but what we do have info about (as usual) is a whole bunch of casting secrets from the latest addition to the Spider-Man film universe!