7 Sophomore Year of High School Expectations and What Actually Happens

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Sophomore year of high school is an interesting time — you’re no longer the babies of your school, but you still don’t get the privileges the upperclassmen do. Because of its confusing nature, you typically expect a lot from your second year of high school, and that doesn’t always go so well. For example…

1. Expectation: You’ll be friends with all the same people you were freshman year.

Reality: You learn who your true friends are very quickly.

2. Expectation: Your sweet 16 will rival those on the MTV show.

Forever Twenty Somethings

Forever Twenty Somethings

Reality: You celebrate the big day with a small dinner.

3. Expectation You’ll get an awesome car on the day of your birthday!

Reality: LOL — you’re lucky if your mom lets you drive hers.

4. Expectation: And you’ll definitely pass your written driving test on the first try!

Reality: Still working on it…

5. Expectation: A senior will invite you to go to the prom.

Reality: A senior doesn’t even know your name.

6. Expectation: You’ll totally start looking at colleges

Reality: Eh, you still have three years…

7. Expectation: People will treat you differently because you’re no longer the youngest!

Reality: You’re still a small fish in a big pond.

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