8 Things to Know About The Woman in Black‘s Sophie Stuckey!

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Have you seen those super-scary trailers for Daniel Radcliffe’s new movie, The Woman in Black? We have too. And if you had your eyes open long enough, you would’ve caught a glimpse of our newbie of the week, Sophie Stuckey! She’s playing Stella Kipps, the wife of Daniel’s character, Arthur. Don’t worry, though. She’s not the woman in black. Or is she…

1. Sophie’s an English actress best known for her role as Summer Farley on Nickelodeon UK’s Summer in Transylvania. She plays a human girl who transfers to a new high school that’s filled with vampires, werewolves, mummies, and zombies.


2. If Sophie had to choose any monster to turn into on the show, she would pick a zombie because they’re more “original”. Alrighty then.

3. At first, the directors of Summer in Transylvania wanted Sophie to play Heidi, but after a few auditions they realized she was the perfect fit for Summer.


4. Born on March 1st, 1991, Sophie shares a birthday with Justin Bieber!


5. Sophie grew up in the London Borough of Camden and got her start at a community drama school there.

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6. Sophie is no stranger to scary movies. She’s been in two horror films when she was a kid — Close Your Eyes and The Dark.

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7. In 2009, Sophie was in a movie called My Life in Ruins alongside My Big Fat Greek Wedding actress, Nia Vardalos. They filmed the whole thing in Greece and Spain — lucky girl!

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8. What inspires Sophie? “The next thing just keeps you going. The next thing just inspires you and you just wanna keep doing it,” Sophie tells StageDoor Mag.

What do you think about Sophie? Think you’ll brave the theaters to catch her in The Woman in Black? Tell us here!

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