Pregnant YouTube Star’s Boyfriend Charged with Causing Her Death

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The tragic death of Sophie Emma Rose just got even more heartbreaking. The pregnant YouTube star and her unborn baby were killed when she and her boyfriend got into a scooter accident in Phucket, Thailand, earlier this month. While her partner, Danny Glass, pleaded for “somebody wake [him] up from this nightmare” in the days following the 41-year-old’s death, he is now being held responsible for her passing.

A member of the Thai police told The Phuket News that “both [the truck driver and Danny] are being held responsible for the death, because both were driving recklessly” and that the two men “have already been charged.”

“Right now, the investigation is not yet closed because we are still waiting for the autopsy to be released,” Lt Col Sanit Nookong explained. “Then they will go to court.”

Danny previously said the accident happened when the car in front of them braked suddenly on a busy road, causing him to lose control of the scooter he was driving. The crash itself wasn’t bad, but when the 29-year-old (who walked away with minor injuries) turned around to tell his girlfriend to get up and get out of the street, he saw that she had been run over by an 18-wheeler truck.

According to local police, however, Mr. Glass tried to swerve around a parked vehicle, which lead to the accident.

We can’t imagine what Sophie’s family, especially her 5-year-old son, is going through at this awful and incredibly difficult time.

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