A One Direction Guy’s Ex Was Tricked Into Bashing His New Relationship

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Many One Direction fans were confused when the news of Liam Payne and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini’s new relationship broke a couple weeks ago. Not only is the British songstress 10 years Liam’s senior, but she’s also technically still married. Yeah… But even though the 22 year old is clearly smitten with his new love, his ex-girlfriend is not a fan. Well, at least according to a British tabloid…

Now magazine reporter Joshua Fox teased the fact that Sophia Smith sat down with him in her first-ever interview to chat about her ex’s new romance. But while the journalist’s story made the mag’s cover, the brunette beauty’s sister said she never actually did a Q&A and he made the whole thing up.

Fellow 1D ex Eleanor Calder ALSO chimed in to defend her friend.

Despite the criticism, Now magazine still ran the story with quotes from Sophia about Liam and Cheryl.

“It’s so weird,” she said. “I knew about them a little bit ago, but who thought it would actually come out? I didn’t.”

Many fans obviously didn’t believe that the fashion student said those things, but as it turns out, she actually really did… but just didn’t know she was speaking to a reporter. After facing thousands of hate messages, the reporter wrote a blog post explaining exactly what happened and how he acquired the quotes from Sophia.

“The main issue here? When you’re involved in the biggest showbiz story of the year so far, it’s probably best not to tag your exact location to millions of people online,” he wrote about how he figured out where Sophia and Eleanor would be. “Crazed fans will follow, nearby journalists will jump at the chance for an interview and the world will know exactly where you are. That’s exactly what happened last Sunday as I trotted off to the East London eatery the pair had checked themselves into, to try my luck at getting a huge scoop on a story that was continuing to break.”

Because Joshua previously knew Louis’ ex as they “once lived within walking distance of each other and had met on many occasions,” it made it quite easy to start up a casual conversation with the girls and get the story he so desperately wanted. So yes — Sophia actually did call Chiam “so weird,” but she had no idea that she was talking to anyone other than Eleanor’s acquaintance. Not cool.

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