From Our BFFs: Where in the World Are Sophia Grace Brownlee and Rosie?

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Man, we wish we had Ellen DeGeneres as our fairy godmother. She just sent our fave Brit ballerinas, Sophia Grace Brownlee and Rosie to… Disneyland!

Damon and Rebekah’s after-party makeout sesh on The Vampire Diaries was pretty hot. But do you think it should top this list of the sexiest recent TV hookups? [Wetpaint]

Just because Big Time Rush‘s summer tour won’t be with One Direction doesn’t mean you have to cry about it. Wait ’til you see who’s gonna be joining them!  [J-14]

Looks like Rihanna‘s not only collaborating with Chris Brown, she’s supporting him through his newest form of assault lawsuit. Oy. [Posh24]

Speaking of lawsuits, looks like Justin Bieber‘s gonna have one on his hands as well… over this “Joustin’ Beaver” app. For reals. [Hollywire]

Demi Lovato and RiRi aren’t the only celebs to recently dye their ‘dos blonde. Willow Smith‘s now in on the action. You likey? [Cambio]

Zac Efron‘s not only just a face that pops up in our dreams. He’s now the face of this denim company… [Just Jared Jr.]

The marketing company for The Hunger Games is really going all out. There’s now gonna be a Katniss Barbie doll! (Think she’ll be wearing the infamous ‘girl on fire’ gown??) [HuffPost Teen]

Happy Leap Year! Wanna know how you should celebrate? Taking a chance is #1… [gURL]

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