All the Beautiful Songs Written in Memory of Christina Grimmie This Year

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2016 was filled with tragedies; among them was the shooting and killing of Christina Grimmie. The 22-year-old YouTube sensation and alum of The Voice expressed her excitement over seeing and performing for fans at The Plaza Live in Orlando, FL on the morning of June 10. Sadly, only hours later, her life was unexpectedly taken from her.

Since then, some celebrities, such as Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas & Demi Lovato, paid tribute to the late musician by dedicating previously-written songs to her. Others went in a slightly different direction, and penned compilations specifically for her. Celebrate her life with those stars here:

1. Tori Kelly, “Blink of An Eye” — The 24-year-old “Should’ve Been Us” singer broke down exactly what everyone was feeling exactly one month after Christina’s murder with her track, “Blink of an Eye;” the shock, the confusion, the sadness… She crooned, “What were your last words? // Happened so fast, oh // Can’t help but think who you would be // If you just had the chance to turn 23, oh” and “When you took your last breath // You had so much life left // Can’t help but think it could’ve been me // Out there chasing a dream when suddenly it all stops // In a heartbeat…”

2. MAX, “Christina’s Song” — Around the same time as Tori, the Nickelodeon alum also dropped a tune in honor of his fallen friend. The 24-year-old expressed his disbelief, saying, “The headline won’t sink in.” He then goes into a state of denial, “Turn off the news it must be wrong // This can’t be true, can’t believe you’re gone // How can they say, you’re where you belong? // You should be here, and I shouldn’t be singing this song.”

He then opens up about their initial encounter, “I look at this picture // From the day we first met // It’s like I’ve known you forever // That’s what we both said.” But soon recalls the dreaded moment he found out about her killing, “Three words in that text // ‘Did you hear?'”

3. Before You Exit, “Clouds” — On April 26, 2016, the McDonough boys announced their All The Lights Tour with their pal, Christina Grimmie; the band performed with her the year prior in Europe, so it seemed like a great match. The tour kicked off soon after the announcement, but was cut short due to Christina’s death… right after their joint concert.

So, it makes perfect sense why the guys dedicated a song to the singer. “In loving memory of our dear friend, Christina Grimmie,” they wrote in the notes section of the video, “who will always be in our hearts and whose legacy will live on forever.”

4. Jacquie Lee, “Somebody’s Angel” — Among the loved ones CG was forced to leave behind is best friend and fellow The Voice alum Jacquie Lee. Needless to say, the singer’s been having a rough time. But, she said, she found some solace in the time since the tragedy. “I had heard so many fragmented sentences from friends and family trying to rationalize and comfort me,” she told Popdust, “but for some reason, ‘She’s somebody’s angel’ helped me believe she was in a better place. If there is anything that Christina’s presence resembles most, it’s an angel.”

The music video includes footage of the news stories surrounding the deaths of David Bowie, Alan Rickman & Prince, the attacks on Nice & Brussels, the devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew and more, and ends with handheld camera footage of Jacquie & Christina singing Alicia Keys‘ “Girl on Fire” (sans sound).

5. Kurt Hugo Schneider, “Christina Grimmie Medley” — Rather than pen an entirely new track, KHS compiled some of Christina’s best tunes and arranged it into one emotionally-charged piece, with the vocal stylings of Sam Tsui.

“The Christina that I knew had nothing but love and compassion and talent to share with the world,” he said at the end of the video, “and all of that was taken away in such a heartbreaking manner.” So, he found a way to honor her the best way he could: through music.

Christina Grimmie is one of at least nine celebrities who shockingly passed away this year: