All the Guys Who Sang Payback Songs About Taylor Swift

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Writing music is all about expressing yourself. Nobody knows that fact more than Taylor Swift. Whether she’s dissing other celebrities with her latest hits or just writing about her happy memories from the past, in her music is where Tay can truly let her feelings go. So, what stops other musicians from expressing themselves about her in their music? Absolutely NOTHING.

Even if Tay’s exes don’t have ‘bad blood’ with the former country singer, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have some things to get off their chest. From songs about love to disses from supposed friends and even nasty digs, these guys were not shy about how they feel about Taylor in return. They let their music say it all. So, here are the guys who went there; the ones who were bold enough to write songs about Taylor herself:

1. Harry Styles, “Perfect” — Many people have argued that Taylor’s ENTIRE 1989 album is based off of her relationship with Harry. So when One Direction released their latest single, many weren’t surprised to hear some obvious T. Swift references in the song. Because that’s only fair, right? Not only was it argued that the tune of the song sounded almost IDENTICAL to Tay’s hit song “Style,” but some lyrics also happened to perfectly align with the songs of Taylor’s past. Including one of the most obvious lyrics from the song: “If you’re looking for someone to write your breakup songs about.” Ouch, Harry! There really was no holding back with that one, was there?

2. Joe Jonas, “Much Better” — Right after this Jonas Brother broke things off with Taylor via text message (which she was NOT shy about sharing with world), Joe was sure to get his revenge. In the Disney trio’s album — Lines, Vines and Trying Times — the new DNCE lead singer included the lyrics, “I got a rep for breakin’ hearts/ Now I’m done with superstars/ And all the tears on her guitar/ I’m not bitter” in the song “Much Better.” And it doesn’t stop there. He was even sure to change the lyrics on-stage to, “Now I’m done with country stars.” Just in case we didn’t already get point. Way to be discrete, Joe!

3. John Mayer, “Paper Doll” — After Tay wrote the song “Dear John” about her relationship with the fellow singer-songwriter, fans did not hesitate to link up John’s song “Paper Doll” as being THE song he wrote about Taylor. So, what proves to us that this song was indeed his counter attack? The lyrics: “You’re like 22 girls in one/ And none of them know what they’re running from/ Was it just too far to fall for a little paper doll?” Which just so happened to appear not too long as Taylor’s popular anthem, “22” was released. And yet another tell-tale sign? When he blatantly attacked “Dear John” to Rolling Stone magazine by calling it “cheap songwriting.” It definitely seems like had some things to get off his chest.

4. Justin Bieber, “All Bad” — Okay, so we all know that Justin DID NOT date Taylor (And we don’t think Selena Gomez would be too happy with that if they ever did). So, why did he write a song about Taylor?! Well, apparently he was wasn’t too thrilled about Taylor’s apparent meddling into his relationship with her BFF Selena. And the lyrics that are supposedly about Taylor go as follows: “Instigators, like pouring fire on propane/ The wrong thing, they be worried about/ Ooh, you know females/ And how they like to run their mouths.” To make it even clearer that the song was a dig at the “Blank Space” singer, he wasn’t too careful with his Twitter retweets! According to HollywoodLife.com, the “What Do You Mean?” singer retweeted and then un-retweeted a tweet from @IKidrauhlic that stated, “I think Justin was shading Taylor in #AllBad.” Not nice, Biebs!

5. Harry Styles, “I Love You” — But not all songs said to be written about Taylor have been negative! And Harry might not want fans to know that. A song titled “I Love You” that was co-written by Mick Greenberg — a suspected writer alias for the One Direction hottie — has a decent amount of references to the “I Knew You Were Trouble” singer. Even though the song was originally performed by the singing duo known as Alex & Sierra! Some noteworthy lyrics include, “While we laid there on the soft warm ground for a week and thirteen days.” And these X-Factor champions have only fanned the flames even more when responding to ET‘s questioning about the songwriter in saying, “Maybe Mick and Taylor are really good friends…Maybe Mick & Taylor had a fling!” Hmm… We’re just SLIGHTLY suspicious about this one.

6. Calvin Harris, Song About Taylor’s Toes? — And, of course, Tay’s current bae, Calvin Harris, doesn’t have anything negative to say about his new love. But that doesn’t stop him from serenading her (And making us totally jealous in doing so!). According to Ok! magazine, the “How Deep Is Your Love” DJ composed a secret song about the perfection that is Tayvin. And even included how perfect her toes are! A little strange…but still totally adorable! Now, can he please release this song publicly?!

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