6 Songs That Were OG Meant for Justin Bieber But Went to Other Artists Instead

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“Love Yourself” is, arguably, one of Justin Bieber‘s most popular singles. But did you know that it was actually meant to be released by Ed Sheeran?!

“That was a song I had written for [my album] ÷. It just wouldn’t have made it,” Ed revealed to Carson Daly on 97.1 AMP Radio (via Billboard) in January 2017. “And then Justin took it and did his thing on it, and released it as a single and made it what it is. So going from a song that would have never been released to [being] the biggest song of last year — it just became Billboard‘s #1 of 2016 of the whole year, and [was] nominated for Song of the Year at the GRAMMYs — it just shows you that you shouldn’t always write stuff off.”

That’s crazy!

BUT, while that track may’ve not been intended for the Biebs to croon, the following six songs were… but went to other artists instead: