6 Songs That Could Definitely Be About Selena Gomez

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Last week, we gave you guys a list of all the songs that were written about former Disney Channel star Miley Cyrus. But then that got us thinking about some of our other Disney Channel faves, like Selena Gomez! So far, we already know that her ex, Justin Bieber, wrote a few lyrics that were inspired by her, but are there other artists who wrote tunes about her, too?

We were so curious that we just had to find out! Check out all of the songs that could definitely be about the “Hands to Myself” crooner:

1. “Mark My Words” by Justin Bieber — When he was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Justin actually admitted that this song is about Selena. The lyrics are heartbreaking and super romantic at the same time, but if you listen carefully, you can tell that it’s about his relationship with SelGo. He sings, “But I won’t let me lose you, and I won’t let us just fade away. After all that we’ve been through, Imma show you more than I ever could say.” So, even if they’re not actually together, Justin still wants her in his life. This is just too adorable.

2. “Sorry” by Justin Bieber — It turns out that there’s more to this catchy dance anthem than meets the eye, because Justin also admitted that this song was inspired by his relationship with Selena. We can’t be too surprised, though, because Justin has definitely made some mistakes while he was dating his former flame (like cheating on her!). But now that they’ve broken up, it looks like Justin is sincerely sorry and pleading for her forgiveness. Well… kudos to Justin for owning up to his mistakes?

3. “What Do You Mean” by Justin Bieber — Justin admitted on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that this single was also about his ex, which definitely wasn’t much of a shocker. In the music video, Selena’s name was actually spray-painted against the graffiti, and when Justin was asked about it during an interview, he just said, “That wasn’t me who did that.” But then again, he never denied that having the name there was a direct reference to Selena. So judging from the lyrics, we’re guessing that there was definitely a lot of miscommunication going on.

4. “Area Code” by Nick Jonas — Tons of fans began to speculate that Nick’s song was about Selena when they heard this line: “You say I never been good for you, you can’t deny I gave it good to you.” But we’re pretty suspicious ourselves, because we know that Nick and Selena have dated in the past, and that lyric actually sounds like an obvious reference to Selena’s hit song, “Good For You.” If you need even more proof, there’s also the fact that Nick favorited tweets from fans about how “Area Code” is actually about Selena Gomez.

5. “Hey Selena Gomez” by Timothy DeLaGhetto — Though the song does have a catchy sound to it, we have to admit that it’s totally creepy. Rapper Timothy basically wrote this as a love song for his dream girl, Selena. But some of the lyrics are just weirdly inappropriate. For example, one of the verses says, “Now I ain’t no pedophile but I checked it for awhile, I just really really liked her steam.” That was in reference to Selena when she was just 16. And to make it even weirder, he went on to add, “But she’s way too young and I’m getting mad sprung, I’m hoping no one tells on me.” Eww! *shudders*

6. “Don’t” by Ed Sheeran — At first, fans were convinced that this song was all about Taylor Swift, but when Ed denied those claims, fans turned to the possibility that Selena might’ve inspired to song. Why? Well, because after Selena broke up with Justin, it was rumored that she and Ed actually got together. Ed eventually denied those rumors, but then he added that he “wouldn’t complain” at the idea. So you never know, there just might be some truth to those rumors…

…Oh, who are we kidding? It’s 100% about Ellie Goulding & Niall Horan.

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