7 Songs That Were Actually Written About Miley Cyrus

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Though Miley Cyrus seems to have gotten over her twerking and tongue-wagging days, it seems like some artists aren’t quite ready to forget about it yet. Case in point? Well, take Missy Elliot‘s hit song, “WTF (Where They From),” which is basically the new version of Nicki Minaj‘s “Miley, what’s good?” In the song, Missy basically calls Miley out for her behavior and bad influence, singing, “The dance that you doing is dumb, how they do where you from. Stickin’ out your tongue, girl, but you know you’re too young.” Ouch!

But on a brighter note, not all of these Miley-inspired songs are so critical or negative. Unlike Missy, some of these artists can’t seem to get enough of Miley and her twerking. Here are seven artists who penned songs inspired by MiCy:

1. “Wedding Bells” by The Jonas Brothers — Shortly after Miley got engaged to Liam Hemsworth, the JoBros released a song called “Wedding Bells,” which was definitely interesting timing. When Miley was asked if she thought the song was about her, she said, “I don’t know who else is getting married… so I feel like that’s pretty blatant.” And it turns out she was totally on the money, because Nick Jonas< ?strong> said that she was “absolutely right. It’s just about being open and honest about the fact that your life is what you have to write about sometimes and pull from that inspiration.”

2. “WTF (Where They From)” by Missy Elliott — From the song’s bold lyrics, it’s pretty clear to see that it’s directed at Miley. From the very beginning, Missy makes it clear that she’s not at all impressed with Miley’s twerking, which she refers to as “dumb,” or the fact that she constantly sticks out her tongue. Missy even goes on to say, “A bunch of girls do it and the sh*t looks fun, that’s how they do it where we from.” Yikes.

3. “Miley” by SWMRS — The members of this punk rock band happen to be HUGE fans of Miley. In fact, regarding their song about her, one of the band’s singers, Cole Becker, said, “I wrote this song about who she is now and how she’s overcome this crazy sh*t, like the body dysmorphia that she got from Hannah Montana. I respect her so much. In the song I say she’s the greatest, because I think she is.”

4. “Miley Cyrus” by Ying Yang Twins — Well, considering the title of the song, it’s pretty obvious that Miley (or rather, how she twerks) was the inspiration for this racy track. The Ying Yang Twins were inspired to do the song after learning that Miley is a fan of theirs. And apparently, they also wanted to show the world that she was no longer the innocent and young Disney Channel star that she once was. They told TMZ, “Our fans have been starving for some authentic twerk music. Seeing that Miley Cyrus wants to show the world she is grown by twerking, we decided to give her a little help.” How thoughtful.

5. “Twerk it like Miley” by Brandon Beal — Remember that time when Miley did an entire twerking routine in a unicorn suit? Well, Brandon decided to dedicate an entire song to that viral video. He sings, “I know, you wore them jeans so I can see that thong, so pop it like Miley, and don’t forget that tongue.” Believe or not, the song peaked at #1 on the music charts (in Denmark).

6. “Twerkin’ Cyrus” by Magazeen — Inspired by her dance moves, Magazeen did an entire song about, you guessed it, how Miley twerks. And to take things further, he encourages people to twerk and stick out their tongue. He sings, “Stick out yo’ tongue like Miley! Twerk it like Miley! Wind up like Miley!”

7. “I’m Miley Cyrus” by Lil B — Of all the songs that were inspired by Miley, this one makes the least sense. Need proof? Check out this line: “I’m Miley Cyrus, I’m Miley Cyrus. Sorry Miley Cyrus, I’m Miley Cyrus. Cyrus, Cyrus I’m Miley Cyrus.” We have no idea what the point of this song is, but we can only assume that he probably had a weird obsession with Miley. *shudders*

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