6 Song Titles That Had to Be Changed for the Craziest Reasons

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Coming up with a perfect song title is **ALMOST** as important as thinking up great lyrics. Theoretically, a title should be original and memorable (think of how many hit pop songs have been called “Let Me Love You”… how is it possible that Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande AND Ne-Yo couldn’t brainstorm anything a little more unique?) and HOPEFULLY appropriate enough that radio DJs can actually say the it before hitting play.

Did you know Britney Spears‘ single “If You Seek Amy” had to be changed to “If You See Amy” because listeners started to catch on that the pop star may have been ~subtly~ been referencing an inapprops term? Well, Brit decided to make those modifications for radio-purposes only, but some other artists changed their song names completely to avoid confusion, legal troubles etc.