6 Solo Singers Who Completely Regret Ever Being in a Boy Band

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If you’re like us, then you’ve been feeling the absence of One Direction more than ever before with the Dunkirk trailer , starring Harry Styles, being released and Liam Payne announcing his own solo career. Not only are we missing 1D, but we are in a serious boy band drought. All the big names are either on a ‘temporary hiatus’ or have officially split, leaving tons of talented guys to fend for themselves.

While some have gone off into other careers or are taking a well-deserved vacation, some ex-boy band members have had successful solo ventures. It can be hard to leave your past behind you, especially when you’re constantly being asked about your boy band days, and sometimes the harsh truth comes out. We rounded up all the solo singers who completely regret being in a musical group. Check out our gallery below to see what your faves have said about their past: