11 Reasons Why Solange is Way Cooler Than Beyoncé

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Don't get us wrong, we think Beyoncé is the bee's knees. In fact, we worship Queen B like no other, but her 27-year-old little sister is the next big thing. Solange Knowles became an instant style icon when she wowed the internet with her release of the bold and colorful "Losing You" music video in late 2012. Ever since, Solange has become the hip "It Girl" of the music world, and there's no slowing down for her anytime soon.

Solange is an inspiration for the next generation of ladies, not hindered in the least by the ginormous shadow of her older sis and not afraid to be herself in an industry that demands girls to dress and act a certain way (see pantsuits below). In adoration for all that she does, we rounded up some of our favorite reasons why she defines awesomely cool.

1. She has the most enviable personal style.

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2. Her dance moves are always playful and fresh.

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3. She made pantsuits fashionable again.

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4. She shows support for her family every opportunity she gets.

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5. She has the cutest son.

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6. She has intimate concerts (i.e. you can see her without binoculars)

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7. And puts her band up front with her.

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8. She sang and danced on Yo Gabba Gabba.

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9. She's a candid feminist.

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10. She embraces her gorgeous natural hair.

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11. And can flip it like no other.

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Any Questions?

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Which Knowles sister do you adore more? Tell us in the comments below!Beyoncé gets steamy in her new music videos!

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