Solange Knowles Throws Some Shade at Ariana Grande on Twitter

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It looks like Ariana Grande has found herself in the midst of another round of Twitter drama. Over the weekend, Beyonce's younger sister Solange Knowles threw some shade at the "Baby I" singer after posting some of her own music.

On Sunday, Solange tweeted out a SoundCloud link to a song of her's called "Cash In," and was complimented by someone on Twitter who goes by dowager countess, as they said: "ur voice is awesome." Solange thanked them by saying, "Awh man, thanks girl!!! Mutual feelings….mutual Mariah love (imitation) lol."

The dowager countess then replied to Solange saying, "well, i would argue that you are significantly better at imitating mariah than i am lol." And that's when Solange took a little dig at Ariana replying, "No one is better at this than Ariana Grande tho. So ima just chill, lol. Happy Sunday!"

Ouch! Everyone knows that Ariana has been compared to Mariah Carey, so it's easy to see why Solange would say that. It's not too huge of a diss, but it's just enough to throw a little shade.

What do YOU think of Solange's comment on Ariana? Is it a full on diss? Or was she just messing around? Sound off in the comments section!

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