A Comprehensive List of All the Guys Sofia Richie Has “Dated”

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When you’ve got a famous family, it’s pretty much inevitable that you’ll end up in the limelight yourself at some point. It’s hard to remember a time when Jaden Smith wasn’t acting and rapping, or when Kendall and Kylie Jenner weren’t household names. Even Noah Cyrus broke out of her family name recently with music that’s all her own. And while Sofia Richie‘s rise to fame has been a little slower, the 19-year-old has been stepping out of her father’s shadow and making a name for herself — but not through music, like Lionel; she’s got some other methods.

We’d love to say we know her for her modeling or her fashion designing dreams, but Sofia’s campaigns with Material Girl, Chanel, Adidas, Dolce and Gabanna, and Tommy Hilfiger haven’t stuck in our heads nearly as much as her dating history has, if we’re being perfectly honest. She’s been linked to various famous hotties in the past — including freaking Justin Bieber!!! — and it’s hard to keep up with who she’s got on her arm because the girl just keeps popping up. We guess dating guys more than a decade older than you is one way to make headlines…

Once we started thinking about all the dudes Sofia’s been linked to in the past year alone, we couldn’t help ourselves. We just had to get these rumors straight, so we rounded up every single guy she’s been with (that we know of) in one lengthy list. But before you take a look, we have to warn you: Some of names below will make you totally peanut butter and jealous, while others will just make you want to straight up vom. There’s really no in between. So grab a bucket of popcorn (and maybe a barf baggy while you’re at it) and sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!