Cheat Sheet: Which Leading Lady Landed Snow White?

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B-T-Dubbs, while you were at school, you missed all of these bound-to-be-the-talk-of-homeroom stories! Study up now!

1. Who will play Snow White in the live-action movie?
2. Little kids parody Oscar noms.
3. Which star got fired from her first job?
4. Preview tonight’s ep of Vampire Diaries!
5. And meet the show’s new hottie Klaus!
6. Are the PLLs BFFs IRL? Looks like it!
7. We’re beyond creeped out by this guy’s Selena Gomez obsesh.
8. 10 things to know about MKA’s little sis Elizabeth Olsen.
9. So it turns out celebrities do eat.
10. Exclusive (and adorb) Plain White Ts video.