Behind-The-Scenes Deets of Kristen Stewart’s Snow White & The Huntsman!!!

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What if we told you that we got to go a movie set? And meet Kristen Stewart? In London, England? You’d probably be all jealous and whatever, but hear us out — we’re sharing the deets. Yes! Telling you, loyal readers, all about our visit to the set of Snow White & The Huntsman and our hang-out sesh with KStew and her castmates, Chris Hemsworth and Sam Claflin! Today we’ve got the first installment, which is a five-part play-by-play of our time on the SWATH set (literally, very detailed, you’ll love), but all week long we’ll be giving you exclusive interviews, photos, and pretty much everything else you can imagine on the movie. We know. The things we do for you guys.

So before the flick hits theaters in June, we’ve got pretty much everything you’ll need to know about it. Ready, and…


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Part One: Just Hanging out in a Trailer with Sam Claflin. NBD.
We began our British journey with a trek to legitimately the middle of nowhere – but it was all worth it because there we got to hang out with Sam Claflin aka the movie’s Prince William aka Hottie #1 of Snow White & The Huntsman. It was freakin’ FREEZING outside, so myself and all the other reporters all huddled up in a random trailer on-set to interview him (that’s coming soon so stay tuned!). Yes, I was 3 feet away from him. Be jeals.


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After that happened, we got to watch him film a scene (outdoors, ugh), that involved the woods and horses and some jumping. Unfortch can’t reveal more than that, but I can tell you this… as we were heading back to our bus (where the driver drove ON THE RIGHT SIDE! HOW WEIRD?!), Sam said to us, “See ya lay-tah!” in that sexy British accent of his. Ugh. Only in my dreams, dude.

Click For Part Two: The Costume Closet!

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