From Our BFFS: Does Kristen Stewart Do a Good British Accent in SWATH?

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Not that we doubted this at all, but Kristen Stewart is officially bad-ass. And also? British! It’s all in the awesome, supersized new trailer for Snow White & The Huntsman.

Pretty much everyone in Hollywood was at the weekend’s premiere of Mirror Mirror. But come on — how badly do you want Lily Collins and Victoria Justice to be besties? [Just Jared Jr.]

Dance lessons from Debby Ryan? Ugh. Some fans have all the luck. [M]

Some of these celeb wax figures are kinda awesome. But Justin Bieber‘s? Uh, we prefer the real thing, thankyouverymuch. [Posh24]

We never thought we’d be saying this but you guys, Katy Perry is a pretty awesome rapper. [Hollywire]

If you were a vampire, would you be like Bella Swan? Sookie? Only this quiz knows for sure… [gURL]


And speaking of vamps, Ian Somerhalder got his GF Nina Dobrev a $1,000 chair for her bday. We personally would’ve preferred a car, but to each his own. [Wetpaint]

Yup, Jersey Shore has been renewed for season 6! But it looks like Ronnie and Sammi are (for real) over for good… [Cambio]

We’re already obsessed with the new blog from Secret Life‘s Renee Olstead. Can’t. Stop. Reading. [HuffPost Teen]

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