Snooki’s Nude Photo Scandal (Plus, Details on the Jersey Shore Brawl and Deena Nicole’s Arrest!)

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If a Glee star could be caught in the middle of a nude photo scandal, then a Jersey Shore cast member certainly could, too. And that’s exactly what happened with Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. This weekend, pictures of the pregnant celebrity in an opened robe revealing her body — as well as ones where she’s completely sans clothing — leaked onto websites like Egotastic and the U.K.’s The Daily Mail.  As usual with these kinds of… events, the snapshots were originally taken by the celeb herself.

According to Us Weekly, “Clearly, these are old and personal photos that were not meant for the public. It’s a shame someone decided to leak them for obvious personal gain.”

Meanwhile, her Jersey Shore co-stars didn’t exactly have the most stellar weekend either. During a “major rumble” under the boardwalk, the cast got into a brawl with a couple bargoers, Justin Viterito and Devon Chichele. Devon claims that one of the JS guys punched him in the back, which led to a full-out fight between them and Ronnie and Roger (JWoww’s boyfriend). Unfortunately, JWoww was caught in the crossfire and is now hobbling around on crutches.

To top off the insanity, Deena Cortese was arrested for ‘disorderly conduct’ after officers saw her “a little intoxicated,” dancing in an intersection and slapping passing cars. Fortunately, she was released to her parents shortly after being taken into custody.


Which Jersey Shore cast member event was the most shocking? Will you tune in to season 6? Or are you totally over the show?

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