New Trend: Sneakers and Combat Boots with Dresses!

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Let’s face the facts. Heels hurt. Like, really bad. When we went to prom many moons ago (yeah, we did that), our feet were legit killing us. What’s the sense of walking around when you’re feet feel like they’re gonna fall off? Lucky for you future prom-goers, tons of leading lady celebs have made wearing sneakers and combat boots with dresses a whole lot cooler than you could imagine. Thinking of ditching the heels and throwing on a comfy pair of sneaks a la K.Stew? Check out the looks below to see which one works for you!

Bella Thorne
Bella is all smiles on the red carpet at the Real Steel premiere and we know why. Her feet don’t hurt!

Kristin Cavallari
Now that K.Cav is pregs, her fashion choices are all about comfort. Good thing her chill Laguna Beach style prepares her for what’s ahead!

Hailee Steinfeld
Yes, those are a pair of bright red converse peeking out among all that cotton candy pink tulle! Let’s not forget — girl is only fifteen.

Jessica Jarrell
Diggy Simmons‘ GF Jess totally rocked the sneakers and dress combo at the Pastry Lite Collection event!

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Alli Simpson
Alli’s matching high-top sneakers really bring the look together, and her cute blazer makes her look sophisticated! She must’ve learned that from her older brother, Cody Simpson.

Stefanie Scott
Instead of pairing this flowy red dress with heels or dressy flats, Stef stuck on a comfy pair of boots with adorable socks. We love!

Ashley Tisdale
We know she’s probs just running errands, but we can’t get enough of Ash’s outfit. Those errands would take way longer to run if she wasn’t wearing those sneaks.

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Leighton Meester
Blair Waldorf probably wouldn’t be caught dead in this outfit, but what does she know?! We think Leighton looks effortlessly cool.

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Miley Cyrus
We can always count on our girl Miley for an awesome laid-back look. Here she is on a lunch date with boyfriend, (and The Hunger Games star!) Liam Hemsworth.

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Kristen Stewart
You didn’t think we’d forget about the queen of sneakers and dresses, did’ya?! Here’s Kristen Stewart’s latest pairing at her recent hand-printing ceremony!

What do you think about the trend? Would you trade in heels and flats for sneakers and sporty boots? Tell us which outfit you would put together in the comments!

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