17 Ways to Turn Yourself Into a Real-Life Snapchat Filter This Halloween

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While some people like to go all out for Halloween, others prefer to keep things a little more simple and use makeup to dress up for the holiday. This year, Snapchat was all the rage, so what better way to celebrate your love for the spooky night AND social media than to turn yourself into real-life filter? Check out the tutorials below and you’ll transform in no time at all:

1. Who doesn’t love the rainbow puke filter?! Although this transformation looks difficult, it’s actually super easy. Here’s now to do it:

2. Here’s how you can copy the pop art filter that appears every now and then:

3. Diehard Snapchat fans should embrace the spider web filter that’s perfect for Halloween:

4. You’ll be sure to turn heads by recreating this filter:

5. Let us introduce you to Nikki Tutorials, a YouTube beauty guru who did a series of Snapchat-inspired makeup tutorials that are INCREDIBLE. Here’s the first one:

6. Here’s her take on the gold lion, everyone’s fave feline:

7. And she couldn’t forget the panda!

8. The lace mask filter is a new one, but it’s quickly becoming one of our faves. Watch below as an incredible MUA replicates the filter completely freehand!

9. Turning yourself into the Snapchat bumblebee won’t change your voice, but it’s still super cute:

10. Be glam AF with this galaxy replication:

11. You know we wouldn’t forget the golden butterfly filter, because it LITERALLY makes everyone look ah-freaking-mazing!

12. Impress (and freak out) your friends with this INSANELY cool Halloween look:

13. Turning into the a puppy is actually easier than you may think:

14. Becoming the flower crown filter IRL is guaranteed to make your besties jealous AF:

15. Okay… so maybe the scary bunny isn’t the cutest of filters, but it is super Halloween approps:


17. Of all the filter recreations, this is probably the most spot-on:

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