7 Tell-Tale Signs That Snapchat is Going Downhill… and FAST!

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Snapchat Going Downhill


When Snapchat first came out back in 2012, we were all stoked that there was now a way to exchange quick photos with our friends, instead of only communicating using traditional texts. However, now that it’s been six years since the app’s debut, there’s a LOT more competition between social media platforms and simply no room for these companies to mess anything up.

Unfortunately, Snapchat’s been in the hot seat recently for a variety of different reasons, including its hotly debated new update and some problematic content that was shared in an advertisement. All of these new decisions have caused people to second-guess using the app and, TBH, it kinda seems like pretty soon, SC may not even be a thing anymore! While there’s no way to be sure that the app is soon going to be a thing of the past, here are some of the signs we’ve noticed that the app is going downhill… and FAST: