Build A Fort With the Guys of Smosh, Win a Trip to LA!

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What better way to indulge your childhood memories of building forts out of pillows and blankets, than by winning a trip to LA?! The two cute dudes from Smosh.com, Ian and Anthony, created a contest to see who can “break out” of the most bad-ass fort possible in collaboration with X Out™, The New Acne Wash-In Treatment (which helps fight breakouts). Yeah, get it now? If you’re the winner, you’ll be flown out to Cali to meet the Smosh guys, plus be on an ep of their show!

Watch an example of an awesomesauce fort vid below!

What’d you think of Anthony & Ian’s fort? Think you can do it better? Then get started and send in your vids to smosh.com/fortbreakout!