10 Things to Know About the Smashing Stars of, Well, Smash !

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Move over, Glee! It’s time to make room for a new musical drama. Katharine McPhee‘s new show, Smash, is pretty freakin’ awesome. The show centers around a group of actors and actresses that are coming together to put on a Broadway show based on the glamorous and successful life of Marilyn Monroe. And, as per usual, we’re here to introduce you to some of Smash‘s biggest stars! Find out who has a famous relative, who went to the same high school as A-listers and who got to kiss Gossip Girl‘s Chuck Bass!

1. If you’ve ever watched Shrek The Third, then you’ve heard Megan Hilty‘s amazing singing voice. She showed off her pipes as Snow White!

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2. Phillip Spaeth played Fender on the Corny Collins Show in Hairspray. Yup, that means he knows Zac Efron!


3. In high school, Wesley Taylor was voted Most Likely to Become Famous. In 2010 he was named one of Paper Mag‘s Beautiful People.


4. Neal Bledsoe is a distant relative of NFL quarterback Drew Bledsoe, who currently plays on the Dallas Cowboys. Talented family!


5. Katharine McPhee, who got her start as runner-up on American Idol, played Melody on The House Bunny alongside Anna Faris. They actually grew up in the same town, but didn’t meet until they were filming the movie!

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6. Meg graduated from the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama in 2004, which is a pretty big deal.

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7. This is the first regular character Phillip has had on a TV show, but he’s had small acting stints on Gossip Girl and Royal Pains.


8. As a child, Wesley was in commercials for Coca-Cola, Gameboy Advance and Toyota.


9. Like his co-star Phillip, Neal was also on Gossip Girl, but he had a much different role. Neal to got to smooch Ed Westwick on an episode when he stepped in for the role of Josh Ellis!

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10: Kat went to Notre Dame High School in Los Angeles — same school Rachel Bilson and Kirsten Dunst attended!

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Smash airs Mondays on NBC at 10/9c! What do you think of the new peeps in Smash? Think you’ll watch it every week? Are you happy Katharine McPhee is back in the spotlight? Tell us in the comments!

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