From Our BFFs: Wanna Meet the Smartest Cat Ever?

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Fine, most cat videos you’ll find are Youtube are cute. But this little kitty? He’s downright genius. Just watch!

Russell Brand has moved on with a hot model, and now Kris Humphries is spotted out with a new lady, too! What is it with these divrocees?! [Wetpaint]

Remember when we said that Taylor Swift and Tim Tebow would make a fab couple? Well, looks like Taybow (might be) a go! [Twist]

Not to ruin your day or anything, but here are 10 of the most depressing movies ever. Crying yet? [Posh24]

Even though 21 Jump Street doesn’t hit theaters until March 16, Jonah Hill is already working on a sequel! Which means yes, the movie will be that good. [Hollywire]

Emma Watson and Logan Lerman‘s upcoming Perks of Being a Wallflower got an “R” rating! Whatevs. We’re gonna see it anyway. [Cambio]


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What can we expect from that hot collab between Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson? Oh, ya know, just about pretty much everything awesome. [Just Jared Jr.]

Which TV characters would you want to take to prom? We’ll take Finn Hudson and Chuck Bass, thankyouverymuch… [HuffPost Teen]

We’re getting major nostalgia (and hunger pangs) looking at these classic foods from the ’90s. String Thing, anyone?! [gURL]

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