10 Reasons Skylar Astin Is a Superior Specimen Who Deserves Constant Praise

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Happy Man Crush Monday, everybody! We've decided to dedicate the latest MCM to none other than Pitch Perfect's Skylar Astin. We have to say, it's pretty interesting that he starred in a film with the word "perfect" in the title, because that's exactly what he is.

Don't believe us? We break down 10 reasons why Skylar is a superior human who deserves CONSTANT praise. Check them out below!

1. He's capable of doing this with his bod.


2. He's basically the perfect boyfriend.

"Perfect weekend. Perfect lover. Thank you for being mine @therealannacamp"

3. He's really funny.

4. Thanks to Spring Awakening, he's a Broadway stud. (Skip to 2:22 to see him in action, yes, that's him with the funky hair and glasses.)

5. He's besties with Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff.


6. He killed it as Mark from Rent in a production at The Hollywood Bowl three and a half years ago.

7. He looks AMAZING in a beret.

8. He has the Hilary Duff stamp of approval.

9. He's not afraid to share a throwback gem such as this one.

10. We don't hate seeing him shirtless.


Who is your MCM this week? Sound off in the comments!

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