REPORT: ‘Pitch Perfect’ Co-Stars Skylar and Anna Are Dating in Real Life!

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Do our ears deceive us, or is a Treblemaker dating a Barden Bella? We hear that two of Pitch Perfect's finest are in a real-life relationship: Skylar Astin and Anna — no, not Kendrick — Anna Camp (a.k.a. Aubrey).

According to Us Weekly, the stars made their first appearance as a couple at the 3rd Annual 24 Hour Plays this past week. "They left together. Apparently backstage Skylar was talking about how he loved her from the first day they met."

The awkward part: Anna's currently in the process of divorcing her husband of three years, Michael Mosley, who filed for legal separation back in April.

But we guess we'll give them the Teen.com seal of approval. Just look how cute they are together!

Instagram (@therealannacamp)

Instagram (@therealannacamp)

Still to come is Skylar's TBS comedy pilot for Ground Floor with yet another PP co-star, Alexis Knapp. And, of course, the upcoming sequel(!) to Pitch Perfect.

Pitch Perfect 2 has been confirmed! Watch the video below for all the amaze details.

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