4 Date Ideas for Skrillex and Ellie Goulding

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I have no real idea who would find dubstep artist Skrillex attractive, but luckily for him, super cute British songbird Ellie Goulding does. But, this indie It Couple may need some help planning romantic nights out thanks to jam-packed schedules and mobs of fans. So El, Skril—I’m here to help with a few handy dandy date ideas. You’re welcome.

1. A Day at the Salon
Skrillex is one of the few male musicians whose female fans dress like him—at least from the neck up. His half-shaved head has (sadly) become uber-trendy, ditto with his snake bite piercings. So if Ellie is really going to make this romance work, she of all people should be matchy-matchy with her new dude, no?


2. Tea with William and Kate
Ellie was lucky enough to be handpicked to play at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding reception, so I’m assuming that she’s totes BFFs with the new Duke and Duchess. Why not double date?! Kate can tell Ellie how to properly bow to the Queen and Will and Skrillex can, um…talk about sports?


3. Go For a Run
Ellie jogs an impressive six miles a day but her BF? Ehh, he seems to have all the muscle tone of a veal calf. So why not help her new beau get into superstar shape by training for a marathon together? After all, nothing bonds two people together than a little good-natured sweating, wheezing and vomiting!


 4. Give Ellie a Nickname
If you’ve ever wondered where Skrillex, born Sonny Moore, got his unique moniker, I’m afraid that the story isn’t super interesting. He admits that it “doesn’t really mean anything” and was just an old AIM screen name. So why not bestow Ellie with an equally weird, pointless name? To stir up some inspiration, here’s a pic of Ellie tumbling off a Segue scooter. Does this conjure up any brillz?


So, what do you think of this odd couple? Think they’ll make it work? Like my date ideas? Are you fans of either/both of them? Make sure to tell me everything here!

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