Who Wins on Skins? Help Us Rate the Characters in Episode 1

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Last night’s premiere of Skins totally lived up to the hype (in our humble opinion, at least). There’s no question that Skins is our favorite new show of 2011—the real question is, who’s our favorite character? It’s way too early in the season to answer that properly, that’s why each week we’ll recap Skins right here—as well as post photos like these—and decide who was the episode MVP, based on our totally scientific formula of likability and OMG-factor.

Ready to play? Read on to find out who won episode 1!

We only got to see Eura for a few minutes at the beginning of the episode, when she arrived home from her walk of shame in tattered clothes and smeared makeup, but from the looks of things, it seemed like she had a good night—and we’re intrigued.
Likability: 5
OMG factor: 5
Average: 5

Abbud seems like a funny dude, who likes to party and is obsessed with sex and girls (sound like any teen you know?). But other than getting kicked out of a mosque, we didn’t see much of him this episode, so here’s hoping he gets more screen time next week!
Likability: 8
OMG factor: 3
Average: 5.5

In our exclusive chat with the cast (watch it here), Camille Cresencia-Mills described Daisy as the “mom of the group,” and we totally get it. Who else would let a fire extinguisher rip at a party so that the gang could make a clean getaway? Thanks, Mom!
Likability: 7
OMG factor: 6
Average: 6.5

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We don’t know much about Michelle (yet) other than that she’s super hot, she’s Tony’s girlfriend, and he calls her “nips.” (We won’t go there.) We were ready to cast her aside as the token hot girl, but when we saw her engage in a girl fight at the prep school party, Michelle won us over—at least for another episode. (Plus the trailers suggest a major Michelle/Tony/Stanley love triangle in the works, which we totally endorse.)
Likability: 7
OMG factor: 7
Average: 7

Poor Stanley! Even after having the opportunity to lose his v-card with Cadie he still can’t stop thinking about Tony’s gf, Michelle. And from the way Tony pushes him around the entire ep, we can’t help but feel for the guy. Stanley didn’t have many OMG moments from the premiere (other than having a, um, really intimate moment with a drug dealer) so we can’t give him MVP just yet!
Likability: 9
OMG factor: 5
Average: 7

Hot lesbian cheerleader with a sharp tongue? We’re on Team Tea and can’t wait to see where Skins goes with her character.
Likability: 8
OMG factor: 8
Average: 8

Oh, sweet Cadie. We totally can relate to this girl. No, not the part where she fake-OD’s on pills or has a knife fetish, but wanting the guy who’s madly in love with someone else. (Sorry kids, that doesn’t go away after high school.)
Likability: 8
OMG factor: 10
Average: 9

Chris seems like the loose cannon of the group, and we like it. From indoor campouts to dropping his pants at parties, you never know what to expect from him. But we do expect more from his special relationship with a certain teacher.
Likability: 9
OMG factor: 10
Average: 9.5

Ugh, Tony. Isn’t there always THAT GUY in high school? The guy that seems to get the girls and get away with just about everything? We wish we could say we didn’t like Tony, but if we went to high school with him we’d probably be a pawn in Tony’s wicked game, too.
Likability: 10
OMG factor: 10
Average: 10

OK so obviously Tony gets the MVP award for the first eppie—aside from the fact that the episode was named “Tony”, the premiere totally set the stage for him as puppet master of the group. But we don’t predict he’ll have the title on lock all season, and we’re looking forward to seeing how the other characters develop and shock us. (Chris, we’re looking at you.)

Who was your personal MVP from last night’s Skins premiere? Tell us in the comments!