Who Wins on Skins? Time to Rank the Characters in Ep. 3, “Chris”

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At first we thought advertisers were overreacting by pulling their ads off of Skins, but after last night’s episode, we kinda/sorta know why. Check out our recap.

Last night’s episode, “Chris”, had three topless characters (and one bottomless character!), countless pills, and through Chris’s pill popping, the introduction of an, um, 10th cast member. We’ll leave it up to you to watch the episode to find out what we mean, or just read on to see how the characters stacked up last night. Plus, check out pics from the eppie right here.

We’re giving Eura a big fat zero this episode. And it’s not because we hate her. It’s because she got a total of .5 seconds of screen time this episode. Major Eura fail.
Likability: 0
OMG factor: 0
Average: 0

From calling Stanley out on his faux-hookup with Cadie to still not fessing up to her actual hookup with Tony, we were not a fan of Tea last night. Why give one of your friends crap for keeping a secret when you’ve got a major one of your own?
Likability: 4
OMG factor: 5
Average: 4.5

Last week we guessed that Abbud had a thing for Tea, and after last night’s ep, we’re totally convinced. Still, we wish Skins gave him more to do than just obsess over girls. And sex. And Tea.
Likability: 7
OMG factor: 3
Average: 5

Surprisingly, Tony wasn’t a standout character in last night’s episode, but it was a pleasant surprise, given that this is an ensemble cast after all. The normally charming Tony gets negative points for being a bad friend to Chris and for not admitting to cheating on Michelle. Yet.
Likability: 6
OMG factor: 6
Average: 6

Ugh, Michelle. We were hoping that you would be more than just the token hot chick, but last night all you did was take your top off and have a failed attempt at resisting Tony. We hope you find out about his and Tea’s blind date asap.
Likability: 5
OMG factor: 7
Average: 6

We’re glad that Daisy finally got more screen time last night, but even though the most OMG moment she had in the episode was a milk mustache, it was nice seeing her there for Chris when the rest of the gang were too hungover tired to care.
Likability: 9
OMG factor: 4
Average: 6.5

Stan totally came off more likable this episode. How can you not feel for a guy that gets puked on? (Not that that’s ever happened to us or anything.)
Likability: 9
OMG factor: 7
Average: 8

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We can always count on Cadie to deliver hilarious one-liners, and we can always count on Skins for those one-liners to be too hot for Teen.com. (Watch the scene where Cadie is laying on Stanley’s lap and you’ll know what we mean.) We’re stoked for next week’s episode, where can safely say Cadie’s in the running for fave character of the night!
Likability: 9
OMG factor: 8
Average: 8.5

The Winner: Chris
Yes the episode was all about him, but on top of having a great storyline and tons of OMG moments (partial nudity, pill popping, inappropriate student/teach relations, and something about a “third leg”), Jesse Carere, proved that he has one of the best (if not the best) acting chops of the bunch.
Likability: 10
OMG factor: 10
Average: 10

Do you agree with our rankings? Who was your favorite character from last night’s ep? Tell us in the comments!