The 10 Worst Problems Skinny People Have to Deal with. All. the. Time.

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I’ve never been super skinny, and I never will be. For most of my life, I envied every naturally thin girl out there, assuming their life was much better because they could wear a size zero. If I ever heard a thin friend complain about her weight, I would give a tight-lipped smile and inwardly roll my eyes, then complain about her behind her back to other friends. When the Internet gave everyone a platform, and naturally skinny people started complaining about all of the “real women have curves” quotes out there, I got angry, thinking they could never have it as bad as someone who was overweight. I basically refused to accept the idea that skinny people have problems.

But, in the last few years, this way of thinking has changed for me. I’ve become more confident about myself, so that helped, but I also started genuinely listening to my skinny friends instead of being a jerk. I might not ever understand the struggle of trying on size zero jeans and finding them to be too big, but I can now be sympathetic to the struggles anyone faces with their weight, whether they’re big or small. Body shaming sucks no matter what! So, if you need a reminder of that, check out some of the worst problems skinny people have to deal with:

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